One of the first planned cities in America, the small resort city of Venice was conceived in 1925 when The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers brought in and hired the famous city planner, John Nolen. Their plan was to create a small resort city that would attract the well-to-do residents from the Midwestern states. What he created was a community that is walkable, small scaled that is close to the beach that has a small shopping district. The boulevards are wide and beautifully landscaped. Parks dot the island and are surrounded by distinct neighborhoods.


This pioneering vision of John Nolen continues to hold true to this day, as residents and tourist still flock to the restaurants and small shops along Venice Avenue. You can see the free concerts in the gazebo and stroll down to what has been named the best community theatre in the United States, the Venice Theatre.


The lifestyle on Venice Island is what makes it so attractive. It is a slice of Americana, with a tremendous sense of community. The people feel safe and secure. Everyone walks everywhere, and they care about their neighbors.


As the Ringling Circus left Venice as their wintering home, they left behind Legacy Trail where the train tracks used to be. Now you have a wonderful trail to bike, run or walk for miles.


Other things to do in Venice is the great boating, golf, an amazing farmer’s market, and maybe most popular, Shark Tooth Hunting, as Venice is known as the Shark Tooth Capital of the World.




Condos range from the $200,000s, single family homes from $300,000-700,000 and the Bayfront homes can bring up to $2,000,000.


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