How We Help You Buy A Home

When you are ready to purchase your Home in Paradise, schedule a meeting with me here at Five Points Plaza in Downtown Sarasota. We will sit down and go over all the specifics of buying a home and begin a thorough search of homes that match your lifestyles. Once we put together a detailed plan to find the perfect home, we schedule viewings for you and will drive you to the locations to compare house vs house to make sure they meet your needs visually.

When you choose a home, my team will take care of all the contracts, offers, and negotiations on your behalf. Having professional negotiators on your side can make a big difference when negotiating contracts.

After an offer has been accepted, we will also arrange for Inspectors and get the information to one of the top attorneys in Sarasota for them to review the Title to make sure it has no liens, and this is done at no additional cost than a normal closing.

If you are in need of lending, we have a number of different lenders to recommend to get you the best rates possible.

We then go to the closing with you or on your behalf to make sure that your investment interest is taken care of.


Schedule a consultation today... Our Extraordinary Service is free to Buyers!