Downtown Sarasota

The heart of Sarasota has a wonderful mix of restaurants, theaters and shops, and is a relaxing stroll away from Sarasota Bay. Homebuyers drawn to downtown Sarasota look for excitement and convenience with natural beauty and architecture surrounding them. High-end Condominium construction in the early 2000s brought more than 1,000 new units to the already existing '70's era condos that painted the skyline around Gulfstream Boulevard and Golden Gate Point. Tucked in and around the downtown scene are charming single-family neighborhoods like Towles Court, Laurel Park as well as the up and coming Rosedale district.

Type of Inventory:

Mostly mid- to high-rise condominiums with a few villas and a number of single-family homes in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Things to do:

Street festivals, gallery walks, holiday parades and the Farmer's market on Saturday give the downtown resident plenty to do and see. The Florida Studio Theatre, Opera House and Indy films at Burns Court Cinema provide the culture buffs with their fix of entertainment. Hollywood 20 multiplex gives you modern movies while the Van Wezel Perferming Arts Hall is only a 2 minute drive from the city center.

This is a very walkable city with Big City Culture and Arts while remaining quaint enough for those who don't want the hustle and bustle.


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